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Corporate Travel Technology to Meet Your Needs

In a business environment where value is top-of-mind, companies are increasingly challenged to manage travel costs using outdated processes and technology without compromising your traveler’s experience and duty-of-care.   It’s up to you to find travel software solutions that help you balance corporate goals with employee satisfaction.

We know that you would love to get the resources and technology you need to significantly improve efficiencies within your travel department.  That’s why Trondent has made it easier than ever for you to enforce travel policy and save your corporation money using our travel software suite that includes custom pre-trip authorization, profile management and sophisticated itinerary delivery to give your employees the ease and flexibility they seek to book travel. 


Travel Data

Maximize utilization of unused airline tickets with this electronic ticket tracking solution.
Easily manage group travel with an automated arrival and departure manifest solution.
Streamline traveler data into a central web-based profile management solution.


Take policy control to the next level with automated pre-trip approvals.


Secure and consistent travel documents branded with your look and feel.
Access your trip details anywhere, anytime with this customizable itinerary/invoice solution.


Helping our clients integrate their travel management system with corporate networks, Single Sign-On (SSO), web services, custom data feeds, and more.