A well-known global media company implements a pre-trip approval solution to lower costs and increase operating efficiencies.

Topic: Pre-Trip Authorization

Company Information

A large media corporation, one of BTN’s top 100 corporations for corporate travel spend. A revamp project of their internal global corporate travel and expense department led them to select and implement a new expense management system and online booking tool.


The Corporation had an existing pre-trip approval solution that was developed in-house. Due to the nature of an internal travel request, it was necessary for the system to either route to an individual approver based on an assigned approval process or to an individual associated with a job code. This proprietary system was able to accommodate and distinguish between the two paths.
The major challenge was the current system was old and needed a massive amount of daily support from an already “taxed’ IT support team. It was determined the system needed to be replaced with a third party solution.


The Corporation believed their new online booking tool would provide ample support for their multi-lever approval process. During the implementation process it was discovered that the booking tool had limitations and could not send trip approvals to the owner of a job code vs. an email address. This was a “show stopper”. Adding to the concern was the timing as it was necessary to shut off the old system as quickly as possible.


The Corporation contacted Trondent for a demonstration of AuthorizerPRO, which is able to be customized to handle either assigned approvers or to owners of job codes. As well as Trondent has the ability to send trip notification emails to non-approvers another important feature to the client. In a few short weeks of defining requirements, architecting the solution, configuring the workflows and testing, Trondent moves the solution to production for the client. Due to the nature of the business approvers and job codes change frequently, so daily feeds from the corporation HR system provides AuthorizerPRO with travelers, approvers, and owners of job codes.


Everyone is pleased with the solution and now Trondent continues to work closely with this corporation implementing other subsidiaries